Will there be a 171 EP of Black Clover?

Is Black Clover season 4 over?

And when he did become the wielder of a five-leaf clover grimoire, he was able to possess Anti Magic which complemented his overall skills, making him more powerful than before. With these, it is not a surprise that Asta became the Wizard King. He deserves the title as he put his whole being into achieving his goal.Mar 8, 2022

The fourth season of the Black Clover anime TV series was directed by Ayataka Tanemura and produced by Pierrot. The season premiered on December 8, 2020 on TV Tokyo in Japan, and ended on March 30, 2021.

Father Orsi was the man who found Asta and Yuno on the doorstep of his church as infants. Asta cares deeply for Father Orsi and respects him as his father, but tends to make funny comments about the state of the church, which annoys him.Jan 9, 2022

Summary. Asta and Sister Theresa have to fight Baro the mud monster and protect the children. Sister Theresa uses her magic to create a leopard that the kids can ride on to get out of there. Baro tries to grab Neige but Asta stops him with his sword.

A Black Clover movie was announced in the same breath that the end of the anime was revealed. Fans are expecting the story to move forward with the movie. But as of now, there is no season five but we can expect a movie in the near future.Aug 14, 2022

image-Will there be a 171 EP of Black Clover?
image-Will there be a 171 EP of Black Clover?
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